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technika academy resource hub

play. compete. enjoy.

keep your training going

In an effort to keep your player's training and development going, we created the Technika Academy Resource Hub.  These resources are designed for players that want to continue to develop their skills whenever or wherever they desire!  Be it during the "off-season," or in conjunction during your Recreational or Competitive season, or let's say we have a pandemic and you do not feel comfortable yet playing? Or perhaps you have had some private lessons with us, and don't know really how to keep your child engaged, because you know little about soccer - then this Resource Hub is for you!  Players enrolled will have access to weekly materials to stay engaged and continue with their development off the field, taking ownership of their own progress.  Access the content is 24-7!


Weekly content includes: individual training sessions, technical skills activities, at-home workouts, challenges, Goalkeeping videos, webinars, and more to keep the players engaged and developing.

The Resource Hub can be purchased and utilized by anyone, regardless of age, skill, or location and can be purchased through this link Purchase is required before access is granted.  

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